5 Ways to Stay Active during the Winter

Feb 9, 2021 | Blog

Between the cold temperatures, biting wind, slippery ice and COVID-19 pandemic, exercising and staying fit in the winter, especially this winter, can be challenging. That’s why we have come up with 5 ways to stay active during the winter that you can do right from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Why is Staying Active Important?

Even a small amount of exercise and activity can make a huge difference in how you think and feel. The World Health Organization recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity per week, or a combination of both. Exercise can help ease depression and anxiety and aid in the management of chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes. While being fit won’t prevent you from getting COVID-19, exercise can strengthen your immune system.

5 Ways to Stay Active

During the warmer months, it is easier to get some exercise by mowing the lawn, gardening or taking a brisk walk. But during these cold winter months, a walk outside doesn’t seem too appealing. And for many, entering a gym while the pandemic is still ongoing may be a little scary. So here are 5 ways to stay active inside your home.

  1. Multitask while working. Spending eight hours a day working from home doesn’t need to be spent sitting still. Take a walk around the house while you are on a call, stand for one or more of your virtual meetings or do squats or lunges while waiting for that meeting to start.
  2. Use household chores as an exercise. Some people may be slacking a bit on household cleaning as few guests are coming over. But doing one big clean each week like you are planning for company is a great way to stay active. Add additional activity to everyday chores such as walking in place while doing dishes or folding laundry.
  3. Take the stairs. Use the stairs in your home as your own Stairmaster. Going up and down the stairs a few times can get your heart rate up and help tone your legs.
  4. Try chair yoga. This is a low impact activity that can be done while working or watching television to increase blood flow and flexibility.
  5. Stand more. Working from home and binging a TV show (or two) can have you sitting for most of your day. Stand up for as much of your day as possible while working, so you do not feel guilty relaxing at the end of the day. Invest in a standing desk or use a counter or high-top table to work from. You can also stand more while watching TV by walking around during the commercials and credits.

We hope you find these ideas helpful for getting active during these long winter months. Be sure to contact us to learn more about how we can help keep you healthy.

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